Products that protect against radiation.

You can easily measure and protect yourself from radiation with right equipment.

Radiation protection mobile phone

By connecting a mobile phone or tablet to the internet via an internet cable so-called "ethernet", you can surf completely without radiation from your mobile.

Our headphones are radiation-reducing with tracheal technology that results in a reduction of the electromagnetic radiation from the phone up to the ear.

Children and pregnant

Children are particularly sensitive to radiation because their bodies are smaller and the nervous system and hormonal system are constantly evolving.

Emf shielding curtain

Our most popular fabric for emf shielding curtain and drapery. High transparancy. Effective protection against mobile phone radiation and similar radiation.

Microwave meters

Instruments for measuring high frequency electromagnetic fields. This type of electromagnetic field arises around mobile masts, radio and TV masts, mobile phones etc.

Wifi Router cover radiation shield

Some internet boxes transmit high frequency electromagnetic fields even if the Wifi function is off. RTK's router protection reduces radiation by 97%.

Radiation reducing products and services

RTK helps companies and individuals to deal with disruptive electromagnetic fields and EMC interference by providing radiation reducing products. RTK also helps with measurement, advice and measures of electromagnetic fields. RTK's business concept is to work for a better electrical environment by maintaining high quality products and services.