Shielding in an office





Methods for screening:

1) electric field with low frequency shielded with an electrically conductive surface that is grounded. All our silver colored fabrics has a conductive surface which can be grounded. Inside a canopy it works like a Faraday cage, i.e. electric fields can not occur regardless of whether it is grounded or not.

2) Magnetic field low-frequency can be shielded only with special steel, mu-metal type leading magnetic field or thick aluminum plate forming eddy currents of external magnetic fields, the eddy currents in turn forms oppositely directed magnetic fields. Note: The magnetic field from stray voltage not generate eddy currents in the aluminum plate and can therefore not be screened off with aluminum. Stray current is countered with our booster transformers. Magnetic fields can not be grounded away.

3) Field of high frequency creates an electromagnetic field within a wavelength (Mobile of 15-30cm). An electromagnetic field reflected on surfaces of metal, metal and all other materials more or less. Absorbent materials are extremely rare, some carbon fiber material is partially absorbing as well as many heavy materials. Electromagnetic fields are also known as radio waves, microwaves, cell phone radiation and electro-smog. Most common method of shiedling is metalnets. Electromagnetic fields can not be grounded away.