Question 1
I have bought Swiss Shield by you earlier. The fabric protects "only" against microwave radiation (reduce about 100 times)?
What about the electromagnetic fields / radiation protects Swiss Shield against these too?
Or which fabric is best for electromagnetic damping? think of computers, appliances
How strong it suppresses radiation and the type of radiation that dampens? (Microwaves, electromagnetic radiation ...)

All protective fabrics have basis to protect against high-frequency radio and microwave radiation. This radiation is also known as electromagnetic radiation, ie both electric and magnetic due to its high frequency, they are formed together near the source. Microwaves are measured in dBμV/m, V/m or μW/m2. The fabrics protective effect is measured in dB (decibels) because the percentage is different depending on which unit of measure you choose. = 20dB 100ggr = 99%, 30dB = 1000ggr = 99.9%, 40dB = 10000ggr = 99.99%, etc. if you use μW/m2. The protection in dB varies some in different frequencies, this is measured in laboratories. In the home environment is not as tight as in the laboratory as should be expected that some leaking in through cracks and holes. For protection with curtains there is often more radiation going around than going through. Normally in practice the protection is 10dB (90% *), 20dB (99% *) for shielding the entire room and 25dB (99 , 7% *) with a good canopy. Note *% rate applies to μW/m2.

As for the low-frequency fields those are split up into magnetic and electric fields:
Low-frequency electric fields is obtained primarily from ordinary electricity, 50Hz 230V and measured as volts per meter (V/m) and can be shielded with conductive fabric of the charges led off with a ground wire (drain wire, the drain wire).
Magnetic fields obtained from the current (amps), electric motors and transformers, measured as microtesla (μT) or A/m, there is no fabric that protects against low frequency magnetic fields.
The fabrics have a conductive surface (low resistance ohms) can be used to shield the electric field. This applies to all except Swiss-Shield fabrics that have their conductive surface isolated as the metal is protected against chemicals, svavelrök and wear. Clothing and canopies grounded nomalt not. Canopies forming a Faraday cage as electric fields are not inside but only on the outside.

The refrigerator has a compressor at the bottom of the back which emit magnetic fields as it goes. With the mu-metal wrapping around the compressor magnetic field can be reduced by 70%. If the refrigerator has a display with digits in the front so there are electric fields from the display and magnetic fields from the substation that provides electricity to electronics. The electric fields can be grounded away with screening kit or a piece Silver-Tulle who grounded the refrigerator plate. The magnetic field is not influenced by protective fabrics.

Question 2. Do you sell yellow goggles that protect against blue LED light?

RTK has not such glasses. The research that says that the blue light affects sleep is most likley industry funded since its all over msm. Independent research reveals that production of the sleep hormone melatonin impaired by microwave radiation. Monitors that have 3G / 4G / WiFi or Bluetooth've got two different causes of sleep problems if you believe in the two research camps. What do you think?