BabyGuard Pregnancy Belt

Partno: 1301
730 kr /pcs
Stock status: In stock


HF (High frequency)

Most of the time the cell phone is worn near the tummy, the place where the baby receives the most radiation. Thanks to this shielding belt the baby is protected from electromagnetic rays before birth.
The belt is made with fabrics with RF shielding efficiency of 99%.
The waist is elasticated and a button allows it to be adjusted.
The belt can be worn under clothing, but also on the top, thus making it possible to cover the zippers of the pants which cannot be closed any more when the belly expands.

One size, the belt is adjustable
Black color
Screen fabric: 82% Modal + 18% Polyamide with 99% pure silver
Metallization: 99% pure silver

A great gift for all expectant mothers!
Care: Delicate wash 30 ° C.
Do not go through the spinning and dryer
Do not use chemicals or chlorine



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