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Bobbynet Canopy single bed

Partno: 1251
8800 kr /pcs
(Excl. VAT 7040 kr)
Stock status: In stock


Two months right of return to 80% of the price, assuming normal wear and tear.

The material is made of silver threads and provides over 99% protection against electromagnetic radiation. Radiation is reduced by 99.8% at 100 MHz and by 99.6% at 2 GHz.
The net is airy and can easily and quickly be set up. It is easy to take with you if you move. The smallest size weighs about 400 grams including a foldable wooden cross that ties under the top to broaden the net. Used when visiting others or traveling.
The easiest way to set up the canopy is with an anchor point in the ceiling but the net is so light that it can also be attached to furniture with blu-tack. Best is a firm hook, but during travel a ceiling lamp can serve as a temporary attachment point. Note that you may not turn on the lamp if the fabric is near the bulb due to fire hazard. The canopy is lifted up to get in or out.

9.1 meters circumference at the bottom.



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