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Canopy Kombi 210 Naturell

Partno: 201311
31000 kr /pcs
(Excl. VAT 24800 kr)
Stock status: Delivery 3 weeks


Hospital Canopy

Developed by hospitals' needs and requirements.
Made of cotton fabric that is of high quality spun with insulated wires that create a Faraday cage.
More than 700 people are sleeping every night in a canopy that reduces microwaves. Best tool for electrosensitive people.
The fabric provides up to 32 dB attenuation (99.9%). The protection is active in a very wide frequency range.
Dimensions: Length 250cm, width 210 cm, height 230 cm.
Carpet is optional, see below
Entrance on each long side. The short side and half long sides can be placed on the canopy roof during bed transport.
Hangs from the ceiling or stands with legs.
Reduces the mobile phone radiation and other wireless systems by 20-30 dB (100-1000ggr).
Packged in two supplied linen bags: Frame: 130x30cm 7kg, Canopy with carpet: 70x35cm 5kg.
Approved washing instructions are included, 60 degrees delicate fabric.
Fabric: Swiss Shield Naturell. 15 linear meter
Frame: Fiberglass.


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