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  • Model from 2016
  • Shielding efffect by frequency

Canopy Naturell 90cm Ceiling Frame

Partno: 201350
13900 kr /pcs
(Excl. VAT 11120 kr)
Stock status: Delivery 2 weeks


The Swiss Shield Naturell is made of high quality cotton fabric spun with thin silvered copper threads. 8,7 running meter
More than 700 people are sleeping every night in a canopy that reduces microwaves.
Provides up to 32 dB attenuation (99.9%).
Fits beds 80-110cm wide and 180-220cm long. Canopy is about 2m tall.
Entrance on one of the long sides where the fabric hangs overlapped approximately 35cm, the roof is sewn to the sides.
Shielding mat 240cmx130cm is optional.
The canopy hangs down from a ceiling frame of reinforced plastic tubes that is 170cm x 60cm.
4 mounting loops with a plug for the ceiling is also included.

80-90% of people that are electrosensitive sleep better in a canopy. The body heals when you sleep.
Warranty: If you are not satisfied with the canopy we will buy it back within 2 months to 80% of the price.


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