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Carpet U2S for dubble bed

Partno: 1256
2850 kr /pcs
(Excl. VAT 2280 kr)
Stock status: 1pcs


We recommend shielding the canopies from below to achieve a complete faraday cage.

With 35 dB attenuation optimal for all canopies made from NATURELL.

Made from our shielding fabric STEEL-TWIN. The stainless-steel-side should face towards the floor, the white cotton-side upwards.

Directly layed under the canopy, the sewed edges would be too thick under a carpet.

Technical data

Attenuation: 35 dB at 1GHz
Size for dubble bed (U2S): Width 270 cm, length: 250 cm
Scope of supply for dubble bed (U2S): 2 sheets of Steel-Twin. Placed with 10cm overlap.
Grounding: 2 plate GCV, 1 cabel i.e. GL500, 1 plug GPE have to be ordered seperately.
With sewed on Velcro-areas for our grounding plate GCV.

Fabric care: Washing at gentle cycle 30°C | Ironing without steam at degree 1 | No drying in tumble dryers | No bleaching | No chemical dry-cleaning | For allergy sufferers: Every new fabric smells, wash before its first usage!
Application: Canopy, Accessories
Field type: LF (Low frequency alternating electrical fields), HF (High frequency electromagnetic fields)
Ecology: Normal
Color: White, Gray




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