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ESI 24 Microwave- and LF Detector

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2290 kr /pcs
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Electro-sensitive 3-in-1 detector and with a greater range and higher sensitivity.

• Low-frequency alternating electrical fields, measuring range 6-70V/m
• Low-frequency alternating magnetic fields, measuring range 20-2000nT
• High-frequency electromagnetic fields.

2 resolutions for HF emf:
Standard mode: 15 - 1500 µW/m2
High resolution:    1 - 2250 µW/m2

Through 3x6 colored LEDs you get an instant indication of the present fields.

Technical specifications:
• "Freeze Mode" for measurement in places you can not read properly display
• High Resolution mode with increased sensitivity to HF.
• "Cable Mode" to search for eg. Wiring in the wall.
• Acoustic signal: higher value indicates higher tone
• Frequency range E + M: 16Hz .. 3 kHz
• Frequency range HF: 50MHz .. 10 GHz
• Power: 9V battery
• Weight: 140g
• Dimensions: 140 x 66 x 26 mm



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