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New Daylite Swiss-Shield

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Fabric for emf shielding curtain and drapery

Our most popular fabric for emf shielding curtain and drapery. High transparancy.

Material: Polyester, 8 % copper / silver

Yarn: Polyester fibre with a gossamer-thin 0.02 mm silvered and PU-coated spun-in copper thread

Surface: Non-conductive (PU-coated)

Type: Knit fabric - decorative textile

Description: High-quality, translucent, lightweight, polyester fabric with all textile characteristics

Test: Oeko Test 100 Class 1 (baby underwear) STR, Swiss Textile Research Institute, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. P. Pauli/University of the German Federal Armed Forces Munich according to MIL-STD 285 and IEEE Standard 299-1997

Use: Curtains, room dividers and canopies

Colour: White

Width: 260 cm

Weight: 65 g/m2

Dimensional stability: 0.1 – 0.3 %


Shielding: Attenuation 30 dB (99.9 % shielding effectiveness) at 1 Ghz

Tips: Best effect if you let the curtain go over the window frame by 30-40 cm and also mulitply the width by 1,35 for pleatning.




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