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Travel Canopy Silver-Tulle

Partno: 201335
13900 kr /pcs
(Excl. VAT 11120 kr)
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Perfect for making a single bed radiation free.
Size: 200cm long, 60cm wide. 80cm between bed and canopy ceiling.
Size deconstructed: 70x30x10cm. 3kg.
Dali fabric. Top is 4x2,8m with lead band all around. Bottom is 1,4x2,5m. In total 10,5m.
Has the best possible attenuation of mobile phone radiation and other wireless and low-frequency electric fields. Up to 46dB (99,997%) at 0,5-3GHz.
Airy with fine-meshed nylon fabric with silver coating, 0.5 x 0.5 mm holes.
Semi-transparent light transmission.
Texile properties, are soft and antiseptic

80-90% of people that are electrosensitive sleep better in a canopy. The body heals when you sleep.


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