Hints for EHS customers


At Volvo/Bilia there is now new cheap diesel cars, Dacia brands in various models that can be ordered without electrical features. Also check that the tires are not magnetized with a compass or a free Android app type metal detector on www.nealo.se

Mobile Phones
Samsung smartphone radiates unnecessary strongly with GSM for calls when 4G is enabled, this applies with Telia subscriptions and perhaps with others. Go into more networks / Mobile networks / Network mode and choose only the WCDMA / 3G (or WCDMA / GSM if you need GSM). The low-radiation mode seen the H + at the top of the display when mobile data is enabled instead of 4G.
Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data when you need them by dragging from the top and bottom of the display and extinguishing its icons. Wi-Fi is all the time and also sends when not in use. Some apps may make the phone hangs on mobile data is turned off, then remove the apps.

Fixed and mobile telephony
With Telia Centrex will call it while in the fixed copper line and mobile phones, it works when you call on RTKs number 08-510 25 510. If one telephone is busy and will call it on the other. Nice not having to divert each time you walk through the front door.

Heat pumps
Heat pumps often gives trouble for EHS customers, they can generate radio waves, dirty electricity and rotating magnetic field. An example which seems kinder average, is an air / air heat pump type MSZ-Mitsubishi SSF35VE.

With fiber it comes a new router. With routers comes often Wi-Fi radiation regardless of whether the user is using Wi-Fi or not. Some routers have off switch for the Wi-Fi on the outside, others must be set via the computer to Wi-Fi disabled. with eg Internet Explorer at
The best is to have a cable network for computers and turn off Wi-Fi.
The radiation from Wi-Fi can otherwise be reduced by router protect https://rtk.se/category.html/dator-tillbehor or by wrapping around a piece avskärmningstyg http://rtk.se/category.html/fabrics